Life and the growing stresses of modern living are a whirlwind - that’s for sure. Even if things are going smoothly, there is always an unpredictability to life that can catch us unaware. We are on a mission to help people relate to their stress in healthier ways. We all deal with stress, but learning how to deal with it in healthy ways is another thing. In this episode of our blog we will be looking at Lavender and its amazing benefit in helping us regulate stress in our bodies.

Lavender is known for many healing therapeutic and curative properties. So many people love it and for good reason - IT’S AMAZING. We know it to be our favourite mood stabiliser and stress buster - growing evidence would suggest the same.

Here is our list of exactly why we think lavender is so good:

1. What you don’t know about Lavender and Sleep

Lavender is known to promote sleep. That’s no surprise as we’ve all been using it forever but HOW does it work? We were recently reading a study in which participants inhaled lavender before sleep. It works by reducing alpha waves, which decreases the amount of restless sleep a person experiences. On the control night where the participants didn’t inhale lavender there was a big increase in sleep disturbances and poorer sleep quality. On the nights where lavender was inhaled, sleep quality went through the roof, with sleep depth, disturbances and overall wellness seeing massive improvement. Importantly, unlike sleeping pills, lavender did not affect them in their waking hours, implying that sleep brain and waking brain activity reacts differently to lavender stimuli. Most importantly ALL participants confirmed the benefits of using Lavender essential oil.

Every night we like to use our Relax Lavender Lotion in combination with our Relax Lavender Oil - both rich in Lavender.

2. Wait… so it helps skin conditions too?!

Stress can have a massive impact on our skin. There is good reason why we are seeing a rise in skin conditions because of our busy (sometimes) stressful lives. Lavender is AMAZINGLY soothing for our skin. Not only has it been shown in many studies to have anti-inflammatory properties, it is also highly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This makes it an amazing addition to anybody’s skincare routine, especially for those that might be struggling with skin conditions. It has now been shown that Lavender boosts the skin’s healing process.

We are simply thrilled with the number of people that have had success healing their skin conditions with our Lavender Hand Balm. Too many stories to note. If you have ever suffered with eczema or psoriasis we highly suggest trying our balm for its numerous skin benefits. We are, after all, here to help your skin return to its vibrant health!

Bea a brunette female walks through a vibrant lavender field with a rustic basket full of sprigs of lavender.

3. Lavender helps your brain and nervous system

There is a big reason why people shout about Lavender being so calming. Growing evidence suggest the properties in Lavender (Linalool, Linalyl acetate, B-Ocimene, Terpinen and Camphor) can all help to protect our brain and nervous system. How amazing - and all in a flower? Further studies still need to be done, but growing research supports the idea that Lavender can help in treating neurological disorders. Many people have said it has comparable results to common anxiety medication. We’re always on the lookout for teas, including Lavender, in order to reap the calming benefits that also support our nervous system.

A bumble bee extracts pollen from a lavender plant

4. Is there a drug free way to balance hormonal issues?

Lavender has been well researched and shown to help balance hormonal issues in women. Lavender helps to reduce menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, headaches, and heart palpitations in many people. It does this by keeping cortisol levels stable, by lowering the amount released by the adrenal glands, leading to a much calmer mind and body - regulated you! Lavender is a good option for those that may have PMS, PMDD or are going through peri-menopause.

We promise to keep revisiting the subject of stress. In this article we have only covered how Lavender can help aid our stress levels, but trust us when we say there are many ways to help mitigate stress. We know we’ve found some real tools that we now have in our kit, and we will be exploring them in coming weeks, including cold water immersion, breath-work, meditation and prayer.

Thankyou for tuning in this week.

Love from Julie + Bea

Disclaimer: if anyone wants to read the studies we researched, please reach out to us at and we would happily send them to you



Absolutely love all the lavender products from love to b, but the relax hand balm is my favourite. Soothing , moisturising and lasts for ages. Very good value for money


Another lovely visit to Love 2 b this afternoon.
You are all so helpful.
Thank you for.the advice you gave my daughter a few weeks ago. With your tea tree products and moisturiser her skin has improved so much and she is so happy


I have problems with quality sleep so going to give the lavender a go, I’ll be back.

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