Dehydrated, dry, tired skin ? Here’s how to glow!

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When it comes to dry skin it’s all about two essential things. Staying away from sensitising products that damage our skin and knowing HOW to rehydrate your skin and lock moisture in. We thought we’d share with you some tips and tricks for treating dry skin with you:

Stay well away from sensitising products…

The first thing we would suggest is that you should only be cleansing once a day, preferably in the evening. Opting for a cream-based cleanser will be a great option for you. Try to stay away from cleansers which include words like ‘foaming’, ‘deeply cleansing’ or ‘acid cleanser’. These types of cleansers are usually not good for you - skin does not need to be cleaned that deeply. If you really want to remove all the impurities and makeup, a double cleanse with our really gentle cleanser is a great option for you. Try to stay away from makeup wipes - bamboo face cloths or a konjac sponges are really good for gently cleansing dry skin.

What about face scrubs or exfoliants?

An absolute no no. Once your skin's moisture barrier is balanced again, you can look at gentle ways to exfoliate. But don’t I need to remove the dry skin? Yes but it’s highly likely the dry skin is there because the skin has been stripped - first give the skin some moisture in the right way THEN after a few weeks look at using a really gentle way to remove any dead skin. Trust the process of letting your skin recover first.

Our cleanser swirled onto a hand

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Your night time routine is most critical…

Believe it or not there is a proper way to apply and lock in moisture. Expect your skin to glow after following these steps. Use our toner first, then moisturiser, then our serum oil. The toner will add water to the skin which is what dry skin with water loss desperately needs. Because our moisturiser is water based it will be less absorbent if you put our oil on first, which is why we suggest oil on AFTER the moisturiser. In the past, I didn’t use a toner - now that I do, I see a real difference in the health and glow of my skin.

How does eczema differ from dry skin?

Eczema is dry skin, but dry skin is not necessarily eczema. If you suffer with eczema there’s a high chance your skin is also crying out for moisture - don’t skimp on taking the time to hydrate skin with eczema. Hold tight for more articles about eczema and other skin conditions - we will be covering more of this!

Hydrating the right way…

Sometimes people simply have dry skin because they are growing older. Water loss in the body is inevitable. Is there anything you can do in this case? Absolutely. Whilst we can spend time really looking at what we are using on our skin, we cannot state enough how important it is for you to be getting your mineralised water intake up. This will really help anyone - no matter what type of skin you have. Of course, we all know that drinking water is important, but minerals are often stripped from our water sources. We make sure to add minerals to our water daily to ensure we are getting enough. And what an amazing difference it makes. Water with the right inclusion of minerals will not only help benefit brain function (it’s all but removed my fogginess) making you feel like a new human, it will also help massively in targeting the loss of moisture in your skin.

Lastly, what is your absolute top tip for me?

Looking into healing your moisture barrier. Dehydrated and dry skin means your moisture barrier is most likely damaged. Great news - it can be solved, but we need to look at the root issue. Have you read our article relating to your moisture barrier and how you can heal it ? Here it is for you to have a look.

Stay consistent with all that you’re doing. We trust that you will see results if you keep following these steps - we know we have!

That’s all from us this week. See you next time!

Julie + Bea

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