What Mum really really wants this Mother's Day!

I’ve been thinking. Don’t our mothers work overtime at loving us? Let’s use Mother’s Day this year as an excuse to get them back for all the love they show us.

I’ve been asking our mothers at ‘Love to b’ how they might like their children to celebrate them this Mother’s Day. The resounding voice was for some sort of quality time to themselves - which got me thinking!

How about helping them create their very own ‘Home-Spa Day!’

As Mums we certainly don’t ask for much in return for all the everyday hard work we put in, small meaningful moments of appreciation are precious and so appreciated! I can think of nothing better than being treated to some beautiful ‘Love to b’ products, handmade in Dorset, scented naturally, to help relax and restore my mind, body and soul. For me, my choice would be some of our ‘Invigorate’ range - mint & rosemary: mineral foot soak, a foot butter and moisturising soap, perfect for setting up a foot treatment for my tired feet at home!

Spring is such an amazing time for renewal - which our Mint and Rosemary Bath Soak and Foot Butter help to promote! Let’s dive into the essential oils of Mint and Rosemary!

Invigorate Foot Soak

What is so special about them?

- Mint (Mentha piperita) essential oil is renowned for its refreshing, antifungal and antibacterial properties - perfect for tired feet. It is also known to soothe any aches and pains, leaving us revived! - I have found that from a holistic point of view Mint is cleansing, promoting mental clarity and wellness.

- Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) essential oil is rich in antioxidants, supports circulation, focuses the mind, and will leave you feeling mentally revived.


Our steps to create a simple home-foot spa experience for your mum:

Love to b products needed:

  1. Let your mum know you have something special planned for her and give her a time. 
  2. Create a special space: a comfy chair together with a couple of fresh towels, place them somewhere in your home that’s calm and uncluttered. 
  3. Set the mood; dim the lights, setting up her favourite relaxing music and perhaps light one of our ‘Relax’ candles.
  4. Relax Candle

  5. Fill a large bowl with hot water and sprinkle a handful of Foot soak into the water.
  6. Invite your special Mum! Let her sit in a comfy chair with her shoes and socks off. Whenever she’s ready she can go ahead and place her feet in the water.
  7. This is your chance to vacate for 30 or so minutes and let her sit with her feet in the water. Maybe she has a good book to read. Maybe she would like to watch her favourite programs, or maybe she’s going to close her eyes and listen to calming music. 
  8. This is a good time for her to exfoliate using a soft foot brush or pumice stone to remove all that built up dead skin. You can do this for her if she’d like that. 
  9. Time to moisturise! After exfoliating, dry her feet and liberally apply some of that gorgeous foot butter. She may also want to do this step by herself if she’s self-conscious about her feet. That’s okay - whatever she would like. 
  10. Get the comfies on! Time for the socks to lock in the moisture that you just applied. Bliss!

Who wouldn’t love to be gifted this session. All meaningful gifts are special, but in my eyes, this is so much better than a box of choccies and flowers. Whatever the case, I hope this gives you an idea for how to celebrate that incredible woman in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing warrior women out there.
We appreciate you and all the love you bring.

No guesses for what I’ll be doing on Sunday!

Julie x

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