The biggest key to healing your skin…


Our skin's moisture barrier

When I think about healing skin one thing comes to mind - healing our skin’s moisture barrier. Your skin is a microbiome, and your moisture barrier is what protects it. The moisture barrier is a wall protecting the layers of the dermis. It helps lock hydration in, stops all the free radicals, pollutants and other toxins getting in, and keeps our body's bacteria under control. Essentially it’s our body's first line of defence. I was very happy to finally see results in my skin when I was equipped with the knowledge of how to take care of my very damaged moisture barrier. We hope you will too.

So how to know if you are suffering with a damaged moisture barrier?

If you have rosacea, acne, sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation or dryness it is highly likely your moisture barrier is damaged. There are many causes of moisture loss in the skin. Excessive sun and UV light exposure, using harsh skincare products, pollutants in our environment and many other things can damage your moisture barrier. We are here to share how you can remedy it.

The good news - it IS possible to heal your skin over time.

Far too often we are sold a product that we think will help without actually knowing how skin heals itself naturally and how we can support that process. Knowing more about how to support our skin will mean that even as we age, our skin will stay supple, moisturised and supported to look it’s very best.

Immediately we can tell you a few things that will help massively:

- Cleanse once a day with cool water using a gentle cleanser. No more.
- Minimise the number of products that you use. Keep it natural and simple.
- Use those products for at least 3 months before trying something different.
- Oil based products are your friend when also paired with water based products.
- Possibly the most important – limit your use of harsh exfoliants!
- Stay hydrated!


Less is more!

It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the more skincare products we use, the better. Or that we should be feeling a difference immediately in the texture of our skin by using harsh exfoliants acid peels and face shavers, which may initially make our skin softer BUT in the long run are actually just increasing sensitivity and weakening our skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Harsh exfoliators and scrubs may seem like a good idea but keeping it simple will always lead to better results in the long run — our konjac Sponges are a great place to start for gentle exfoliation. They help remove oil, dead skin, and any excess dirt.


Our Gentle Exfoliation Konjac Sponge with Love to b Skincare


Where to start for successful glowing skin!

Use Love to b facial skincare (especially the Moisturiser and Serum oil together) it is extremely mild and nourishing for all skin types. We’ve formulated our facial skincare to repair and strengthen your skin barrier by using natural ingredients that work. Both our cleanser and moisturiser use an oat kernel extract as a base, and this ingredient is a rising star in the natural skincare world because of its prebiotic properties. The extract feeds the organisms that live in the skin’s microbiome whilst also moisturising and replenishing the moisture barrier and keeping toxins and irritants out. 

So that’s our take on healing your moisture barrier - your key to having wonderfully dewy, healthy skin at any stage of your life.

We will tell you all about our superhero skincare ingredients in a later blog, so watch this space! 


With big love
Julie & Bea x


Jess Fitzgerald
Jess Fitzgerald

Really interesting read, thank you!

Bea Weston
Bea Weston

Yes!!! Since healing my skin barrier my skin is glowing!!

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