2023 at Love to b

We have so much gratitude for a very busy 2023 and our most successful Christmas trade ever.
Like many small businesses we've had some challenges in the last year - our shop flooding, inflation, the cost-of-living crisis, to name a few. But we have also had a wonderful opportunity to completely refit our beautiful shop.
Our fabulous loyal team continues to grow, despite the best efforts of the economic crisis. As an independent, Dorset family business we can't thank both our local and online community enough for keeping us going. Thanks for believing in us and our vision of creating a natural, sustainable, ethical skincare and home fragrance brand.
We feel a sense of achievement having not only survived 2023, but to be looking forward to 2024 and so many exciting plans that this new year will deliver.
With a great team, fully kitted out Dorset factory, new website, a wonderful shop and all our customers old and new, we look forward to this new year.

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