My 8 steps to setting up for a successful day

Most people's morning routine is pretty familiar. We all have a tendency to just do the same things when we wake, day after day. We have our breakfast, shower, brush our teeth, get dressed and start our day without giving it much thought! We all do this, but I wanted to highlight some of the things that I try to include in my morning routine to prepare myself for all that lies ahead, both personally and in my work at Love to b Skincare. I believe its valuable to intentionally create the best foundation possible for a successful, productive and enjoyable day.

1. Getting up early

Allowing sufficient time for my morning routine is important. I love getting up early as it sets me up for the day ahead, avoiding the stress and agitation that comes with rushing if my time is limited.

Beautiful ornate stylish bathroom including a classical sink complete with natural soap, bath tub with bath bombs and accessories, painted mid green wooden panelled side board complete with mirror, plants and Love to b Moisturiser, Serum and Toner.

2. Snooze your smartphone

It’s the first thing most of us do every day - check our phones! Whilst I always want to know what has been happening in the world and with my friends, checking my phone immediately moves my thoughts into a higher gear. I try to avoid getting drawn into the ‘busyness’ until after I have settled into my day. Of course, this is not always easy, but most things can wait until I’ve had some ‘me time’.

3. Give gratitude

I love taking a moment to appreciate life by practicing gratitude. It can be really helpful to me, setting my intention for the day, giving thanks for my health, my family, my friends and all the other things I should be thankful for. For me, I begin my day with quiet time and prayer, others might meditate, or practice mindfulness or breath-work. Even simply smiling with your eyes lightly shut is a way to release feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin into your system. This will help lift your mood, lower your heart rate and relax your body.

Beautiful ornate stylish bathroom including a bath tub with bath bombs, bath melts and accessories, painted mid green wooden panelled side board complete with plants and Love to b Hand & Body Wash and Hand & Body Lotion.

4. Take a glass of warm lemon water

My grandmother taught me to drink a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon mixed in. I’ve since learnt it is scientifically proven to help remove toxins from our digestive tracts that have built up through the night, and also starts the re-hydration process so that our body’s can function well.

5. Move your body

There is nothing like a stretching routine or a brisk walk to wake me up. The truth is that movement energises your mind and body. Whether it is a simple yoga or pilates routine, a more ambitious visit to the gym or a walk with the dog in the forest, it will help to get your blood flowing energising you and also quietening any anxious thoughts.

Brunette woman completing skincare routine

6. Self-care

I have found that putting time aside for my appearance helps me with the ‘feel good’ factor. It helps build my self-confidence and makes me feel ready for the day ahead.

Simply put, my morning routine is great for not only preparing my skin for the day ahead but also makes me feel so good! When it comes to skincare in the morning I couldn’t possibly go without my ‘Love to b’ routine. Everyday, I use our handmade products knowing that they are not only natural but they are the very best for my skin. After many years of using my own products, I appreciate the beautiful, plant-based smell and feel the aromatherapy elements that sooth me through my olfactory system. I begin by using our hot cloth Cleanser with a warm cloth to gently cleanse my face, followed by a light finger-tip massage with our moisturiser and serum. The ingredients are so nourishing and, in particular, I just love, love, love the argan and rosehip oils together with the essential oils of orange, sandalwood, rose and rose geranium. They help me to feel special, calm, focused and energised. Don’t be surprised if you naturally do what I do every morning and audibly say ‘wow, this is beautiful’. Such an uplifting scent never fails to make me feel good, while knowing it’s doing good to my skin.

7. Music

I love listening to gentle, inspiring music while I get ready. For me, music is very special and helps my mood.

8. Breakfast

I like to I enjoy a good fresh breakfast of chia and ground flaxseeds that have been soaked in oat milk in the fridge overnight. I add a handful of chopped nuts, berries and a good amount of live Greek yoghurt to feed the microbiome in my gut!

I have managed to get this routine down to just over an hour. It’s well worth the early alarm and I can highly recommend giving it a go! If you do, let me know how you get on in the comments below.

All my Love,

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